Wedded Bliss

This was one of my biggest wedding I’ve shot so far… well for me it was big. The wedding was simple and lovely. It definitely had a lot of thought put into it, especially for the detailed decorations and food!

It was also my first time shooting with a second shooter/assistant which made things much less stressful for me, so I thank God for that and shout out to Lydia!

Finally I’d like to congratulate and thank David and En for choosing me to shoot their big day!

There’s much more lovely photos to come, so keep an eye out as I will post them soon!

Shooting Weddings

Shooting a wedding gives me a privilege to be part of the couple’s wedding day. It makes me happy to know the photos I take would be a life-long picture for everyone to look back at. This makes me strive to do my best and make it a memorable day through the images I deliver.

Incredible India

Over the past month I’ve been in India visiting family and friends. India is a whole different way of living. I was amazed at how beautiful some of the places were. The only issue that I see is that, there isn’t much people to admire it’s beauty.

St Kilda

Last month was actually a busy month as I had to shoot a wedding! The mental and physical preparation was a great experience for me as I did a lot of research and practiced a lot with my camera. I had to know my camera inside out and be able to adapt to all lightings and situations.

Therefore I didn’t have much time to head out during the golden hour to capture some of my usual landscape photos that I do, nevertheless I still shot one a while back which I hadn’t shared. I hope you like this one.

Still Waters

Landscape photography has got to be one of my favourites type of photography. why? well my favourite part about these photographs is the feeling of space and emptiness in this busy world it creates, as though there’s no one else there in that place. It really makes me appreciate the little beauties of this world that can be taken for granted or overlooked really easily. I enjoy doing this and I love it more and more every time I go out there to take another landscape photo.

Smoke in the Light

Since it’s been winter and cold outside in Melbourne, I’ve resorted to some indoor photo shoots with some family and friends. I’ve also had some time to practice with my off camera photography! Hope this interests you!

By The Sunset

Congratulations to this couple! It was great to do a photo-shoot for these guys as I’ve known the groom since school! The photo-shoot itself felt fun and casual and both of them seemed to enjoy the time throughout the day. I myself had fun and every photo-shoot is an opportunity to try something new and so I did, and this is some of the results.