Hello there! I’m Noel Herbert. I’m a Christian photographer and a graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia; and welcome to my website!

I believe each photograph has a story of their own, and what better way to share your story and experience through an image. I’ve always had an eye for photography, composition and design. I’ve developed my desire to take pride and use any opportunity to give my best when I shoot.

Shooting for events are my speciality, from weddings to birthdays. I mostly love shooting portraits and candids during events, as they capture the real emotions on people’s faces. I believe I was given the gift of creativity and I desire to share it to the world. Life is like vapour, short and not every moment can be captured. My goal is to capture things that can be easily missed by the human eye.

So, if you found me interesting, follow me on instagram and like my page on facebook for more photos! Please feel free to contact me on my contact page for any events or family portraits and I’ll be happy to hear from you!